Galaxy Digital took over the cryptographic companies DrawBridge Lending and Blue Fire Capital.

Galaxy Digital Mike Novograts acquired DrawBridge Lending and Blue Fire Capital. The takeover will allow the crypt-currency bank to expand its line of trading solutions, as well as to strengthen its expertise in lending and derivatives, the press release says.

DrawBridge Lending is positioned to be an innovator in the areas of cryptocurrency lending and structured products. The company is registered with the Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Futures Trading Consultant and commodity pool operator.

Blue Fire Capital is a dealer in the cryptovolta Bitcoin Pro review market and specialises in the functions of a market maker.

According to Galaxy Digital, the annual volume of over-the-counter trading in digital assets has exceeded $4 billion. 200 companies are the bank’s customers.

“Over the last two and a half years, the Galaxy Digital Trading team has been working on the implementation of the road map. We were able to improve our ability to execute transactions, provide liquidity and a range of services in the context of spot trading and derivatives. The purchase of DrawBridge Lending and Blue Fire Capital is the next important milestone,” said Peter Wisniewski, co-head of Galaxy Digital Trading.

Galaxy Digital also presented its financial results for the third quarter. The company’s net total revenue for this period reached $44.6 million. The figure for January-September was $58.4 million.

Revenue from the bank’s trading division increased 75% from July to September compared to the same period last year to a record $1.4 billion. The growth was driven by agreements with 30 new customers, the launch of an electronic trading platform and increased activity in the cryptoderivatives market.

Funds managed by Galaxy Digital Asset Management increased to $407.4 million at the end of the reporting period and amounted to $90.5 million at the beginning of the year.

The volume of assets managed by the passive bitcoin fund and various index funds reached $82.4 million.

The profitability of the bitcoin fund linked to the Bloomberg CFIX index was 17.3%. The Galaxy Crypto index fund linked to a basket of the most liquid cryptovoltaic currencies rose by 32.2%.

In October, Galaxy Digital announced plans to provide financial services to bitcoin miners.

At the end of September, the Mike Novograts trade bank became a minority shareholder in ParaFi Capital. The partnership involves joint investments in the DeFi- sector.

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Venezuela utökar omfattningen av sin remitteringsplattform med Bitcoin & Litecoin

Den venezuelanska regeringen är planerad att se över sin kryptokompatibla överföringsplattform Patria – vilket möjliggör full drift med Bitcoin Code och litecoin (LTC) plånböcker.

Plattformen tillåter individer baserade utomlands att skicka överföringar till familj och vänner i Venezuela – och gör det också möjligt att göra inhemska överföringar i krypto.

Dess operatörer hävdar att Patria har cirka 20 miljoner användare

Kryptoöverföringar har blivit allt populärare i landet, vilket är föremål för strikta USA-ledda sanktioner som hindrar banker och internationella betalningsleverantörer från att hantera Venezuela-bundna transaktioner.

Per en officiell Facebook-inlägg och en relaterad blogg posten kommer Patria att uppdateras – även om ingen tidslinje gavs för detta, och några av de nya funktionerna kommer inledningsvis endast att finnas tillgänglig i beta-testning läge.

Ändringarna kan emellertid se till att en fast provision tas ut för alla transaktioner som genomförs i LTC, BTC och den statligt utfärdade petro (PTR)

Patria har också grundläggande utbytesfunktioner, men dessa kan ställas in för en modernisering, med handelspar för petro-bitcoin och petro-litecoin.

Plattformen tillåter också användare att ta ut tokens från sina bitcoin- och litecoin-plånböcker direkt till den smarttelefonbaserade, statliga PetroApp. Dessutom kommer överföringar i petro också att aktiveras.

Plattformens operatörer lovade att fler nya funktioner också var på väg och skrev,

”Patria-plattformen kommer gradvis att omfatta alla dessa tjänster och mer. På grund av deras omfattning kommer de att kräva flera dagars uppdatering och övervakning. ”

Bitcoin price drops below $ 13,300 after the daily high

The BTC / USD pair turned down just before $ 14,000 and is currently holding at just under $ 13,200.

Bitcoin Up price drops below $ 13,300 after the daily high.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) fell below $ 13,300 on Oct. 28 after testing its resistance since 2019 and kinking from there.

Development of the cryptocurrency market on Coin360

Data from Cointelegraph Markets , Coin360 and TradingView show rising volatility on Wednesday after the BTC / USD pair hit $ 13,850.

When he failed to get to $ 14,000 it became unsafe. It then fell below $ 13,300.

In a subsequent rebound, $ 13,400 has become a major point. There were always increases and decreases.

On Wednesday, an unusually large transaction took place on the Coinbase exchange, which originated from an unknown wallet. There is likely to be a sale worth 1,072 BTC ($ 14.6 million). Previously, there were several large transactions that were always the same amount, as well as larger transactions that were tracked by the Whale Alert monitoring service .

As Cointelegraph reported , there was a $ 1 billion transaction on Tuesday that could be attributed to Coinbase

However, analysts clearly distinguish between short-term price developments and their longer-term effects. Some believe Bitcoin has already demonstrated its maturity as an asset and further gains are almost guaranteed in the coming months.

As stated by Cointelegraph , Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal publicly said that Bitcoin would climb to its all-time high of $ 20,000 within three months.

On the other hand, Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe emphasized that it is important to break through $ 14,000 and make that level a support. Conversely, the $ 13,000 level should now act as a major support zone.

5 reasons why Bitcoin is fundamentally in good shape

The bitcoin (BTC) rate reaches a new year record. With a price around $13,000 it looks good. But also other statistics about bitcoin are positive.

Lucas Nuzzi of Coinmetrics shows with five charts how good bitcoin is.

Bitcoin breaks several records. For example, more than 62% of all BTC has been at a standstill for a year, which is more than ever. The graph below clearly shows that something remarkable happened in 2017.

The price of bitcoin reached its highest point so far, at some exchanges the currency went out of business for more than $20,000 each. Around that intense price movement more and more BTC started to move, mostly to exchanges.

Speaking of fairs … there is a clear trend there too. The number of BTCs at a trade fair is decreasing rapidly. More and more people seem to want to store their bitcoin themselves.

Bitcoin addresses
In the field of bitcoin addresses, there is another remarkable statistic: the number of addresses with more than 1 dollar in BTC is also at a peak.

By the way, a bitcoin address does not say much about the number of users. You can create new addresses unlimited and free of charge.

Bitcoin hashrate
The bitcoin hashrate is also constantly reaching new heights. In short, this means that more computer power than ever is involved in mincing bitcoin.

Hundreds of millions are being invested in data centres that focus on BTC mitigation.

Bitcoin’s inflation rate stands at 1.78% until the next half. That is below the limit of the world’s leading central bank. As from this year, the US central bank has no problem with an inflation rate of more than 2%.

Bitcoin’s monetary policy offers clarity and certainty. You know what you get and what you can expect, the issuance of bitcoin is predictable.

Existe uma ligação potencial entre BTC, Facebook e Tesla

Quando se trata do Facebook, bitcoin e Tesla, as três entidades parecem todas compartilhar uma espécie de conexão. A bitcoin é a principal moeda criptográfica criada em 2008. Ela levou à criação de outras moedas digitais, como Ethereum, Ripple e EOS, para citar algumas.

Facebook e Tesla e BTC: O que os conecta

Quando se trata do Facebook e do bitcoin e da relação que essas duas entidades compartilham o Facebook foi claramente inspirado pelo bitcoin e pelo espaço criptográfico para criar sua própria moeda digital. Conhecida como Libra, ela serviria como uma moeda global que poderia ser usada para comprar tanto bens como serviços através do Facebook.

Com relação ao Tesla, claramente existe uma correlação entre as ações da Tesla e o bitcoin, na medida em que sempre que Tesla aparece para cima, o bitcoin faz o mesmo e vice versa. Além disso, o CEO da empresa automotiva Elon Musk tem sido um grande defensor do bitcoin e da moeda criptográfica apesar de nunca ter realmente uma mão sólida em nenhuma das partes.

De acordo com Chamath Palihapitiya, existem fortes ligações entre os três ativos mencionados e ele tem pensamentos e idéias sobre todos eles. Como antigo vice-presidente do Facebook, Palihapitiya fez parte da equipe de gestão original e entende como a plataforma funciona da esquerda para a direita.

Ele acredita que muitas coisas deveriam ter sido feitas de maneira diferente nos primeiros dias do Facebook e, embora a empresa de mídia social tenha tido muito sucesso agora, o caminho para chegar lá certamente não foi fácil.

Em uma entrevista recente, ele discutiu o Facebook e disse:

Acho que deveríamos ter aberto ao público um ou dois anos antes. Se tivéssemos feito isso, teríamos sido obrigados a prestar atenção à transição para o celular mais cedo… Em 2014, tomei uma grande decisão de vender todas as minhas ações do Facebook.

Uma empresa em crescimento

É interessante saber que ele se retirou do Facebook como acionista, considerando que dois anos depois, em 2016, ele ganharia ações da Tesla, que desde então se tornou um conglomerado bastante grande. As ações da empresa cresceram para níveis sem precedentes durante o pico da COVID, e ele vê a empresa se tornar uma entidade de $1 trilhão no futuro próximo. Ele afirma:

Em minha opinião, [Tesla] agora está em marcha de morte para ser a maior empresa do mundo. Ela estará na escala da Apple, provavelmente maior do que a Amazon.Sua opinião sobre o bitcoin tende a ser muito mais simples, considerando que ele vendeu todas as suas unidades individuais de bitcoin e agora opta por investir apenas em empresas que mergulham no bitcoin e no crypto.

Entretanto, ele foi rápido ao mencionar que a moeda criptográfica é um “lugar muito bom para se estar”, e ele claramente acredita que ela faz parte de uma enorme onda financeira que trará mudanças monstruosas.

France: Sorare sold € 170,000 in football cards in 7 days

Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy soccer game.

Users have completed more than 3,500 transactions for a value of 170,000 euros.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

Sales record

Sorare has already sold more than 2.5 million euros in professional player cards. The site’s exchange volume increased from 25,000 euros in December 2019 to 760,000 euros in September.

Sales hit a new record in the last 7 days. According to the analysis site , users have carried out more than 3,500 transactions for a value of 170,000 euros . The average sales value reaches 58 dollars.

More surprisingly, player cards have even sold for over $ 7,000 as we can see below.

Paris Saint-Germain captain Marquinhos’ single card traded for $ 7,800 at the start of October.

Prestige partnership

Recently, Sorare announced the signing of a license agreement with Paris Saint-Germain allowing the French startup to exploit the image of the club’s players in its game.

Sorare has a large user base, particularly in Asia and the United States, priority markets for the Paris Saint-Germain brand , which is one of the fastest growing sports franchises in the world.

Sorare currently has 100 officially licensed clubs . Last year, top clubs like Atlético de Madrid, Juventus and AS Roma had already joined the platform.

When this bitcoin signal flashed in 2017, BTC was up 1,500%. Now it’s back

Bitcoin has hit a low in the last few weeks, entering a trading range between $ 10,000 and $ 11,000.
On a macro basis, not all analysts are convinced that BTC is in a full-blown bull market.

There are a number of resistance levels above the current Bitcoin price that could mark highs of a medium-term rebound.

Still, there are crucial on-chain indicators that suggest that the cryptocurrency has scope for upward movement.

One such indicator, formed in 2017 before a 1,500% upward move, has returned.

There are also fundamental trends that suggest the ball is firmly in the bulls’ field right now.

Critical on-chain Bitcoin indicator shows: A strong rally is coming

Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, believes Bitcoin is likely on the verge of a full-blown bull run as the mining ecosystem flashes a number of bull signals.

On September 24th, he shared the chart below and commented that the Bitcoin miners are expecting an upcoming bull run. The same signal appeared in early 2017 – before a parabolic surge.

“If the $ BTC miners are still setting the price, the next bull run should begin soon. The MPI (Miner Position Index) has a very high hit rate in predicting the bull / bear market when the macro factors such as the stock market are not significant. ”

Should history repeat itself, Bitcoin is on the verge of a parabolic rally that should bring the coin above its all-time high of $ 20,000.

Graphic of BTC’s macro price action with an index analysis of the miner’s position by crypto-on-chain analyst and CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju.

Basics are better than ever

Aside from pure on-chain data, analysts believe that the fundamentals of Bitcoin are stronger than ever. That confirms the expectation that the cryptocurrency market will see a strong upward move.

Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision, had this to say about BTC’s fundamentals:

“Most people don’t understand the latter, but to put it simply, Powell has shown that there is ZERO tolerance to deflation, so they’ll do ANYTHING to stop it, and that’s good for the two toughest investments – gold and Bitcoin. Powell WANTS inflation. I don’t think he will get any real demand push inflation, but he will get fiat devaluation, in conjunction with the other central banks all on the same mission. ”

Others like Pal join this optimistic mood. They believe that given the massive amount of monetary policy and stimulus, along with other geopolitical and monetary trends, BTC is poised to move higher.

“Bitcoin no negocia por los débiles de corazón”, dice Barry Silbert.

El Grupo de Moneda Digital (DCG) está flexionando su músculo de balance una vez más.
La empresa matriz de Grayscale Investments reveló que está adquiriendo la bolsa de criptodólares Luno, con sede en Londres.
El CEO de DCG, Barry Silbert, señaló que la mayoría de las empresas en el espacio de Bitcoin Profit están viendo un crecimiento fantástico este año, a pesar de la pandemia.


El Digital Currency Group (DCG) está flexionando su balance una vez más en el mercado de Bitcoin.

La empresa matriz de Grayscale Investments reveló que está adquiriendo la bolsa de criptodivisas Luno, con sede en Londres, que se centra en los mercados emergentes y fronterizos, donde Bitcoin es el rey.

DCG y Luno no son extraños entre sí, ya que el inversor de la cadena de bloques de empresas apoyó por primera vez el intercambio de Bitcoin hace seis años a través de una ronda de semillas. El acuerdo eleva a cinco el número de filiales de DCG, ya que sigue reclamando más terreno y aumenta su influencia.

La subsidiaria de DCG en escala de grises es una fuerza a tener en cuenta, supervisando 4.000 millones de dólares en AUM institucional a partir del segundo trimestre de 2020. Con el acuerdo de Luno, DCG está entrando en la lucha de los inversores minoristas.

Crypto Craze

El jefe de la DCG, Barry Silbert, fue invitado a la cadena CNBC’s Squawk Box, donde habló de cómo la pandemia de COVID-19 ha acelerado la adopción de Bitcoin en todo el mundo, ya que los inversores buscan activos de almacenamiento de valor, diciendo,

La mayoría de las empresas en el espacio de Bitcoin están viendo un fantástico crecimiento este año… Bitcoin es probablemente uno de los mejores, si no el mejor, de los activos de este año.

Desde la pandemia, Luno ha estado creciendo a mano alzada, evidenciado por un crecimiento récord en volumen de transacciones, ingresos y clientes. Además de Londres, Luno también tiene centros en Singapur y Ciudad del Cabo y como resultado del acuerdo se beneficiará de la huella global de DCG.

Barry en Bitcoin

Todas las miradas han estado puestas en Bitcoin durante la agitación económica mundial, ya que el estímulo monetario se ha disparado. Las acciones han estado en una montaña rusa y los rendimientos se han hundido. Bitcoin también se ha visto atrapado en su propio mercado.

El precio de la BTC ha caído desde un reciente máximo de más de 12.000 dólares a menos de 10.000 dólares y actualmente ronda los 10.250 dólares. Esta volatilidad no se ha perdido en el mundo financiero tradicional, en respuesta a lo cual Silbert dijo,

    El comercio de Bitcoin no es para los débiles de corazón. Las bajadas se amplifican, las subidas se amplifican. Pero en lo que va de año, Bitcoin ha jugado su papel, como diversificador, como un activo que… ha subido un 40% este año.

DeFi a de grandes perspectives, attirant de nouveaux investisseurs

Les analystes ont souligné que l’apogée du DeFi est survenue à un moment où l’économie mondiale traversait des turbulences financières en raison de la pandémie COVID-19. L’apparition de jetons de projet DeFi sur les crypto-échanges devient un nouvel élan pour accroître l’intérêt des investisseurs pour ces crypto-monnaies. À ce jour, les projets DeFi ont accumulé 6,17 milliards de dollars de crypto-monnaies.

DeFi (finance décentralisée) prend de l’ampleur

Ce segment en développement dynamique de la sphère des crypto-monnaies s’est maintenant fermé pour lui-même des crypto-monnaies d’une valeur de 8,24 milliards de dollars. Dans le même temps, chacun des quatre projets clés (Aave, Maker, Curve Finance et Balancer) est devenu une «licorne de crypto-monnaie», car il a attiré plus d’un milliard de dollars de crypto-monnaies auprès des investisseurs.

DeFi rend les services financiers plus confortables à utiliser, ce qui finit par attirer également les investisseurs classiques vers la finance décentralisée. Des informations hebdomadaires semblent indiquer qu’un projet DeFi particulier reçoit un soutien financier d’un fonds de capital-risque, c’est-à-dire du monde de la finance traditionnelle.

Dans le même temps, Bitcoin entre de plus en plus dans le monde de DeFi, où la plupart des projets sont construits sur la blockchain Ethereum. Ainsi, selon l’analyste Zack Voell, actuellement 51.156 Bitcoins ont été tokenisés sur la base d’Ethereum.

A titre de comparaison, ce montant de fonds en Bitcoin Up représente près de 50% du montant des réserves en Bitcoin, qui sont disponibles sur le Bittrex Crypto Exchange. Des chiffres similaires pour Gemini et Bitstamp sont de 53% et 44%.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la finance décentralisée et pourquoi le nombre de projets DeFi augmente, téléchargez gratuitement notre application compagnon. Disponible pour les appareils Android et iOS, l’application mobile Born2Invest vous apporte les derniers événements et tendances dans le secteur de la cryptographie et les nouvelles financières les plus importantes au monde.

DeFi pourrait bénéficier de la crise actuelle

Les analystes ont souligné que l’apogée du DeFi est survenue à un moment où l’économie mondiale traversait des turbulences financières en raison de la pandémie COVID-19. C’est un rappel que le Bitcoin lui-même est apparu lors de la crise précédente, survenue en 2008. Aujourd’hui, les besoins de l’humanité en communications financières numériques ont considérablement augmenté, et DeFi semble être une réponse de plus en plus adéquate à cette demande.

VOIR AUSSI Banca Generali offre à ses clients professionnels 67 millions de dollars de prêts
Dans le même temps, le nombre de faillites de structures financières traditionnelles dans la première économie mondiale, les États-Unis, a atteint son plus haut niveau en août depuis dix ans. En outre, 1,7 milliard de personnes dans le monde n’ont pas accès à une gamme complète de services financiers, ce qui est souvent dû au manque d’institutions financières traditionnelles dans une région particulière du monde. Dans cette situation, DeFi a de grandes perspectives, et il y a une forte probabilité qu’il ne devienne pas aussi transitoire qu’il l’était autrefois avec le boom de l’ICO.

Le nombre de projets DeFi augmente

L’apparition de jetons de projet DeFi sur les crypto-échanges devient un nouvel élan pour accroître l’intérêt des investisseurs pour ces crypto-monnaies. En outre, il a ralenti les sorties de fonds de leur part, de sorte que la fréquentation de ces sites a augmenté en moyenne de 13% en juillet. Le crypto-échange décentralisé Uniswap, qui a également «grandi» à partir de DeFi, est en tête en termes de taux de croissance.

À ce jour, les projets DeFi ont accumulé 6,17 milliards de dollars de crypto-monnaies. Parallèlement à la croissance du «pouls» de la finance décentralisée, de plus en plus de projets émergent et la part du leader, MakerDAO, continue de baisser, atteignant 23,91%.

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Il 98% di tutti i Bitcoin vale ora più di quando li hai comprati

Con circa 12.000 dollari, l’acquisto di Bitcoin è stato un’attività redditizia nel 97,6% di tutti i giorni da aprile 2013, i dati confermano.

Bitcoin (BTC) ha consegnato guadagni ai suoi detentori in quasi il 98% di tutti i giorni dal 2013, confermano i nuovi dati.

Secondo una risorsa di monitoraggio dedicata basata sui social media che tiene traccia della redditività, l’acquisto di Immediate Edge ha reso più ricco il suo possessore nel 97,6% dei giorni.

La redditività di BTC “caratteristica delle corse dei tori

In altre parole, come il servizio di analisi a catena Glassnode ha notato nel suo rapporto settimanale The Week On-Chain di lunedì, il 97,6% dei risultati delle transazioni non spese di Bitcoin (UTXO) sono in profitto.

Ciò significa che solo il 2,4% degli UTXO sono stati creati – come parte di una transazione tra portafogli – quando il prezzo della BTC era più alto dei livelli attuali a circa 12.000 dollari.

“Periodi prolungati a questo livello e oltre sono caratteristici delle corse dei tori quando la BTC si muove verso nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi (a quel punto la metrica raggiunge il 100%)”, ha commentato Glassnode.

Nonostante un leggero arretramento nella notte di martedì, Bitcoin continua a deliziare i clienti, con guadagni mensili che sfiorano il 30%.

Un ritracciamento per l’oro e le azioni è apparso per alimentare la pressione di vendita, ma sotto il cofano, i fondamentali della Bitcoin rimangono più forti che mai.

Come riportato dal Cointelegraph, il tasso di hashish ha raggiunto il suo tasso medio più alto di sempre, mentre la difficoltà è destinata a seguire l’esempio al prossimo riaggiustamento tra quattro giorni.

L’evidenza rialzista monta

Continuando, Glassnode ha aggiunto che ogni volta che la redditività dell’UTXO supera il 95%, fa scattare una breve ma intensa corsa dei tori per BTC che dura fino a tre mesi.

Altre metriche, nel frattempo, suggeriscono che Bitcoin è piuttosto all’inizio di un’encierro più lungo che alla fine di un improvviso rialzo. In particolare, la bussola di Glassnode, che impiega un paniere di fattori per tracciare la forza di Bitcoin, continua a lampeggiare saldamente rialzista.

“La posizione continua della bussola nel quadrante superiore destro fornisce un segnale ottimistico del continuo sentimento rialzista e dell’attività a catena”, ha aggiunto il rapporto.

“Questa tendenza supporta la speculazione ampiamente diffusa che BTC è effettivamente nelle prime fasi di ingresso in un mercato toro”.

In precedenza, il Cointelegraph ha osservato che l’indice di forza relativa della Bitcoin, o RSI, stava imitando la sua performance dopo il dimezzamento del sussidio in blocco del 2016, che ha visto i massimi storici di 20.000 dollari l’anno successivo.