5 reasons why Bitcoin is fundamentally in good shape

The bitcoin (BTC) rate reaches a new year record. With a price around $13,000 it looks good. But also other statistics about bitcoin are positive.

Lucas Nuzzi of Coinmetrics shows with five charts how good bitcoin is.

Bitcoin breaks several records. For example, more than 62% of all BTC has been at a standstill for a year, which is more than ever. The graph below clearly shows that something remarkable happened in 2017.

The price of bitcoin reached its highest point so far, at some exchanges the currency went out of business for more than $20,000 each. Around that intense price movement more and more BTC started to move, mostly to exchanges.

Speaking of fairs … there is a clear trend there too. The number of BTCs at a trade fair is decreasing rapidly. More and more people seem to want to store their bitcoin themselves.

Bitcoin addresses
In the field of bitcoin addresses, there is another remarkable statistic: the number of addresses with more than 1 dollar in BTC is also at a peak.

By the way, a bitcoin address does not say much about the number of users. You can create new addresses unlimited and free of charge.

Bitcoin hashrate
The bitcoin hashrate is also constantly reaching new heights. In short, this means that more computer power than ever is involved in mincing bitcoin.

Hundreds of millions are being invested in data centres that focus on BTC mitigation.

Bitcoin’s inflation rate stands at 1.78% until the next half. That is below the limit of the world’s leading central bank. As from this year, the US central bank has no problem with an inflation rate of more than 2%.

Bitcoin’s monetary policy offers clarity and certainty. You know what you get and what you can expect, the issuance of bitcoin is predictable.